About Us

C & M is a company specialized in the mediation of transportation in today’s world. Backed by a long history and determining presence in the market, we have become the authoritative choice for our customers do to our sense of commitment, personal attention, and quality service.

We understand the unique needs of your business, which is why we work day to day to offer the best solution in all the necessary steps that you or your company requires in the subject of transportation. Thanks to the volumes we handle in the region in regards to both imports and exports, we obtain better conditions for our customers.

We are pioneers in freight services and specialized in containers and extraordinary shipment. We have services designed to meet the demands of the most demanding industries, giving your cargo total care and attention throughout the complete transportation service.

To offer an indispensable and innovative transportation service that adapts to our clients’ needs.


To stand out among the competitors for the outstanding quality service and the loyalty to our customers.


  • Strength and leadership from our directors, who transmit these qualities to their employees, for a job well done.
  • Loyalty, teamwork, honesty, and responsibility
  • Competitiveness, compliance, quality – price service