Maritime Service

At C & M we have made it a priority of our business to understand yours. That is why we are the first specialized shipping service for containers and extraordinary cargo, designed to meet your specific needs depending on your industry of your business providing total care during its transportation. We are experts in the mediation of transportation in a globalized world without economic borders. Thanks to the volumes handled in the region with both import and exports, we are able to obtain great conditions for our customers.

All C & M services are fast and reliable. Some are so fast between ports, that we offer shortest transit time to some destinations. We call these Premier services.

Our premier services are offered weekly with fixed days for departures from all ports. This addresses special procedures designated to being regular and reliable. With the goal to facilitate the scheduling of shipments they are analyzed weekly by our staff. The premier services undergo a fast and frequent land connection, and also connect directly with other services. This way we provide connections to a broader variety of destinations.

What type of freight supports these services?

The freights we operate are fast and modern capable of carrying all types of cargo; from standard dry containers that measure 20’and 40’feet, to open containers, and platform containers.

Maritime Traffic:
CARGO INSURANCE: Arranging your cargo insurance with a broker can be confusing and require too much time.  Wouldn’t it be much easier if the company providing transportation also manages the insurance of the freight?  

Peace of mind for you:
Your cargo is ensured at all stages of the course, be it by railroad, truck, or boat. This mean that your shipment is insured from the seller’s premises to the purchaser’s premises, even for port to port shipments. All claims are dealt by the insurance agent assigned to job directly from their office; we work with 150 agents in more than 100 countries. The name and phone number will always be printed on the Insurance Certificate, along with clear instructions on how to file a claim.

How does this work?
When you call for a quote or to reserve a freight with C & M, our customer service representative will ask you if you want us to process your cargo insurance. If you wish to receive an insurance quote, you should only have to answer a few questions about the nature of the load and its value. Based on the data you provide, we can immediately calculate the insurance rate of your cargo. If you agree to this rate, right then our representative will issue an Insurance Certificate which you would be receiving shortly after by fax or e-mail, and confirmation of your insurance premium will be detailed in the bill of landing. To learn more about our insurance, please contact your sales representative or our customer service.